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How It Works

What is Brick Flipping?

Brick flipping is selling non-hyped shoes at a high volume, but getting them for a lower than retail price. They tend to go on sale and are often easier to obtain then hyped releases. You are able to buy bigger quantities in bulk at cheaper prices and leverage your capital.

Selling Bricks

You can sell on various platforms such as StockX, Goat, Mercari, Amazon, Ebay, Poshmark, Stadium Goods, and Flight Club. Members are able to refer to our guides to get more in depth ways on sell bricks.

Buying Bricks

Our team of mods will post links and have instore information on where to buy these shoes at for the best pricing.


Daily profitable links We strive to provide the best and up to date information regarding bricks for you to make the most amount of profit.
Amazon We teach you how to sell on amazon and scale your business on there.
Lightning Fast Monitors We provide lightning fast monitors for our members to stay up to date on restocks.
Helpful Staff Helpful staff with years of experience in reselling.
Discount Codes
Instore loops
Sneaker Investment
Bot Investments
Early Pairs



Answering question about reselling from Mr. Snkrflip.


Amazon ungate method for Nike.

Amazon Brick Links

Online brick links for Amazon products and SKUs.


Autofill chrome extension to help speed up the checkout process on many sites.

Monitor development

Even faster monitors with additional sites.

Bigger Preorder Allocations

Bigger allocations for early pairs.

Bot Groupbuys

Allowing members many chances to buy some of the best bots.


Helping members learn about different streams of income.


Getting different brands clothing and products at discounted price.


What kind of experience do I need in order to join? No experience is required - Whether you're new to the culture and looking to get started or have years of experience, Eastbricks has useful resources for all members to be successful.
What's the cost of Eastbricks each month? $100/month
What is brick flipping? Bricking flipping is selling non-hyped shoes at a high volume, but getting them for a lower than retail price.
How do I join Eastbricks? We are an exclusive brick group and at the moment we are currently out of stock. Don't be discouraged! We will post information regarding restocks to our public server & instagram page!

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